Exploring Colorado Springs Family Vacation

Colorado Springs is filled with natural wonders, many fun outdoor activities as well as cultural heritage which makes it a great place for a family vacation spot and it is also based at the foot office of the Awesome Rocky Mountains.

It helps families achieve an unforgettable holiday because of its awesome landscape as well as multiple fun activities coupled with the nice historical background. There are so many good reasons one should consider Colorado springs family vacation.

Reasons you should consider Colorado Springs for family vacation

Nice landscape and fun outdoor activities:

Colorado springs has so many nice site where one has to visit during their family vacation and some of them are

Garden of the Gods

Garden of God Colorado Spring

The awesome Garden of the Gods is a registered landmark that showcases its beautiful sandstone formation that captivates tourists of all ages and it is registered under the National Natural Landmark. In this beautiful site, families can actually go on hikes as well as guided doors or even climb the red rocks and other very fun outdoor activities.

Pike peak

The pikes peak is around 14,115 feet above sea level and it also offers very beautiful and wonderful views the can be seen by car, hiking or you can also use the history cog railway in pikes peak. It is said that the height gives the visitors an unforgettable experience which makes it a place you should not fail to visit during your stay in Colorado Springs especially if you are looking for adventure and to find nature’s beauty.

Outdoor Activities

You can engage in so many fun activities such as hiking and mountain biking across the pike National forest and also you can try zip lining across the beautiful canyons, Colorado Springs has so many fun activities that can be enjoyed by all members of the family, while creating a bond and also lasting memories that will stay for life.

Educational experience:

You can visit the U.S. Olympic and Paralympics museums which celebrate the achievement of American athletes and also help provide nice interactive sessions that engage and also educate the tourists about the Olympics and the Paralympics’ games. It showcases human determination and athletic skills.

The Cliffs in Manitou:

These Manitou cliff dwellings is a place where you can explore and learn about the ancient lifestyle of the Ancestral Puebloans people by literally going back in time while walking around the well preserve cliff dwellings.

The Historical old Colorado City:

You can actually take a stroll and enjoy the charming old Colorado City which is filled with galleries, boutique as well as restaurant which are in historic building. The vibrant city with its active atmosphere makes it a nice place for families to shop and dine, as well as enjoy nice entertainment.

Best things to do near Colorado Springs Family Vacation

Visit Colorado Springs Fine Arts center:

The fine Arts center is well known for its very beautiful and wonderful exhibits and also performances, from the wonderful photography to the awesome dancing exhibit and also the sculptures, it is something you should not miss during your stay in the place. The exhibit and performance are family friendly and it is meant to entertain every member of the family.

The Mountain zoo in Cheyenne:

The Cheyenne mountain zoo serves as home to around 750 animals from all around the world, it offers engaging experience to the tourist as the tourist can hand feed the giraffes and also ride around in the carousel while enjoying the nice educational presentation and the beautiful mountain views.

The zoo is well known for its giraffe herd, which is said to be the largest in the US. The zoo is also stroller friendly though it is built in the middle of the mountains so it will be a workout going there. Your kids can also ride the mini trains and also ponys.

The zoo can be crowded in the summer, especially on the weekends, because it is advisable to come early in order to have a parking spot and don’t forget your sunscreen, because the sun is really hot at 6,800 feet. The zoo runs camps for all age groups from 4 years up which includes camping inside the zoo for a night and it is enjoyed by kids.

City Rock climbing

One of the must visits on this trip is the city Rock climbing gym that is Downtown. It is very important to visit even if you don’t have any climbing experience. You can still have fun there with your family, you can use the auto belays. You can start rock climbing in the City Rock and become good at it eventually and it can even become a passion.

A Visit to the U.S. Air force Academy

During your stay at Colorado Springs you can consider visiting the Air force Academy; you can also get a closer look at a real B-52 bomber at the plane Display, while you are there. Also you can enjoy the far off lands which are at the Planetarium, and the nice panoramic projection will take you to the depths of the ocean and to outside space also.

Visit the western Museum of mining and Industry:

You should also consider visiting the museum where you will get an in-depth knowledge of the Colorado mining history and also you can get to see over 4,000 artifacts at the Western Museum of Mining & Industry.

Explore the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum.

You can also explore the wonderful Rocky mountain motorcycle museum of Colorado Springs where you will get to see an awesome collection of over 75 vintage motorcycles that have been staying there for around 7 decades and it is also a free to visit site. You should not miss it during your stay there.

The majestic Glen Eyrie castle:

Glen Eyrie castle


Another place you should consider visiting during your stay in Colorado Springs is the awesome castle of Glen Eyrie which was constructed personally by the founder of Colorado Springs, General William Jackson palmer.

The Rock ledge Ranch historic site:

In the Rock ledge Ranch historic site, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the region’s earliest dwellers with yours around the area and also hands-on experiences at the Ranch.

Flying W Ranch

You can consider stopping by at the flying W Ranch in order to try your luck at roping animals, you will also enjoy a nice big dinner if smokes nearby and a performance by the flying W Ranch workers.

The Cheyenne mountain state park

It’s is a 28 miles of trails which is also home to so many campgrounds. Also the Cheyenne mountain state park has nice archery range and nice educational sessions.

Visit the May Museum of Natural History

The May Museum of Natural History is actually a nice bug Museum, where you can see over 7000 rare insects from all around the world, you should also try to see as also take pictures of the Herkimer (the world biggest beetle)

Explore the Museum of Colorado prisons

Visiting the Museum of Colorado Prisons will help you not only learn about the history of the Colorado prison system by also look at certain artifacts. It was first built in 1935 and was used as a women correctional facility.

Visit the Gold Belt Scenic Byway:

You can also explore the Gold belt scenic byway which appears to be alongside the former railroad and and the routes that services Colorado’s most awesome mining towns.

Visit the Manitou springs Cliff dwellings

This is a 800 year old cliff dwellings that serves as home to the ancient Pueblan people, you can visit the Manitou springs Cliff dwellings to tour the former homes of the Pueblan people as well as learn about the native American culture.

Explore the cave of the Winds Mountain Park


You can climb, jump or zip through attractions at the cave of the winds mountain parks, you can also go into the depth of Manitou Grand Caverns.

Visit the Penrose Heritage Carriage House Museum

You can explore the Penrose Heritage Carriage House Museum in order to learn more about the history and also the cultural heritage of the Pikes Peak region.

Visit the Ghost town museum

The Ghost town museum serve as home to 1800’s artifacts as well as other equipment, you can engage yourself in the western ghost town experience.


Colorado Springs is a very awesome and enchanting place to get an unforgettable family vacation, adventure as well as admire nature’s beauty, whatever you choose to do be it exploring the wonderful landscape like the Garden of the Gods or immersing in the rich history and culture of Colorado Springs, even doing fun outdoor activities, Colorado Springs will make the experience unforgettable for all members of the family.

Going to Colorado Springs will not only be a common vacation but also it will serve as a journey that is filled with wonderful moments, discovery and also adventure that will be remembered by all members of the family for years to come.