Everything you should know about visiting Morocco with kids 

Everything you should know about visiting Morocco with kids 

In between the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea, lies Morocco, a country with an enchanting history, culture and natural wonders. Stepping into Morocco opens a doorway to a place where ancient tradition blends well with modern trends, making it a perfect inviting destination for families seeking a wonderful and fun-filled journey. There are certain things you should consider before traveling to Morocco with kids.

Is Morocco good for kids?

Travelling to Morocco with kids creates an opportunity to partake on a family adventure filled with unforgettable experiences. Ranging from the ever active market of Marrakech to the quiet Sahara desert, Morocco unveils a stream of possible adventure that delights and engages the young kids’ curiosity.

We will help you discover a number of carefully picked selections of the best activities and adventures specially made or created for families who wish to explore Morocco, using this comprehensive article guide. From the cultural tales in historic cities to the thrilling adventurous experiences across the desert landscape, each activity laid out here will not just turn out to be a simple excursion but an adventure of discovery for both parents and children alike.

Marrakesh, Morocco – October 30, 2015: A typical atmosphere in the streets of the old Marrakesh medina

As we move further into the hearts of Morocco, we’ll reveal the secrets of Marrakech, where an antique palace lies as silent witnesses to the ancient tales of heroism and royalty. We’ll also cover the medinas of fes, offering a nice adventurous journey through its alleys, filled with treasure and crafts. Then we’ll not forget the coastal charm of Essaouira, where endless beaches make kids want to build sandcastles and fly kites under the beautiful Moroccan sky.

Morocco isn’t only about sightseeing, it’s also about learning about the vibrant culture and being part of it. We’ll also take you on a culinary adventure, where you can explore local markets bussing with colours and flavors and you and your kids can also take part in the Moroccan culinary adventure by taking traditional Moroccan dishes through interactive workshops.

Also your journey should also venture into the vast Sahara desert, where camel rides offer an experience similar to traveling down an ancient story timeline. Sleeping under the desert skies and listening to Berber folklore around a campfire, is an adventure that will be indelible in the memory of every child.

A young Muslim woman and her children walk through an old narrow street in Casablanca’s historic old city (“Old Medina”) – Casablanca, Morocco

Stay with us as we unfold the best things to do with kids in Morocco that won’t only end as a form of entertainment but also help the kid under the magic of Morocco, and also help them have a deeper understanding of the magical land and its heritage and culture. With this journey, families won’t only create beautiful memories but will also give the kids a lifelong love for adventure and exploration.

Where is best in Morocco for kids?

Cultural Heritage

Such an adventure will introduce your kids to different cultures through Morocco’s tradition, music, cuisines etc.

Historical sites

You and your kids can explore ancient sites like Marrakesh, Fes, and Casablanca, filled with palaces, historical sites and most importantly legends of historical figures.

Natural wonders

Ranging from the Atlas mountains to the Sahara desert in Morocco, lies a diverse landscape, providing unique and fun-filled experiences for kids.

Family Friendly Activities In Morocco with Kids

There are multiple enriching, and fun filled activities meant for families and kids to enjoy in Morocco. Here’s a list of very engaging, fun activities that can be done by families in Morocco.

1. Cultural Adventure to Historical sites

You can visit so many historical sites like

      A. Marrakech:

  1. jemaa el-fnaa: this ever active square is filled with life and entertainment. Kids can engage with the street performers, view the snake charmers, and also enjoy the lovely storytelling sessions.


  1. Majorelle Garden: Explore this wonderful garden with vibrant colors and varieties of plants, it’s very perfect for a nice family stroll.


iii. Bahia palace: You can also witness the beauty of the Wonderful architecture and design of this wonderful, historical palace, spiking the Christmas imagination with the legends of royalty.

B  Fes:

  1. Medina exploration: you can walk through the narrow maze-like alleys of the Medina, and let the kids take part in treasure hunts, to discover local craft, spices and hidden gems.


  1. Tanneries visit: witness the traditional dyeing process, that will give the kids an education insight on antique craft.

2. Sahara desert expedition:

Desert travels: Ride camels through the sand dunes of the Sahara, this provides children with a feeling of nomadic lifestyle and a wonderful and inspiring desert experience.

Overnight camping in the desert: spend a night in the desert under the starry sky in a camp, listening to Berber folklore and enjoy traditional music around a campfire.

  1. Coastal visits in Essaouira:

Beach activities: kids can engage in some beach activities like kite flying and sandcastle building, let the kids explore and run free on the Sandy beach while precipitating in the fun beach activities.

Water Sports: for the older kids, they can play fun water Sports like surfing and windsurfing along the scenic coast.

  1. Culinary Exploration:

Family cooking classes: you can join a couple of fun family cooking classes to learn how to prepare traditional Moroccan dishes like tagine and couscous. Kids are likely to get great experience and Passion from Moroccan dishes.

Market visits: 

marrakech, Morocco – May 31, 2020: A group of people walking by a street toy vendor in in Jemaa el-Fnaa

You can take children on a nice stroll through the local markets, introducing them to colorful species, fresh produce and local dishes. You can also engage in some tasting sessions to enjoy nice Moroccan treats.

  1. Visiting Museums and Historical sites:

You can visit historical sites in Morocco together with your kids, sites such as kasbah of udayas in Rabat and also the Hassan Towers can give the kids a form of deep understanding of the Moroccan rich culture and history. You can also visit palaces and check out historic landmarks, so the kids can have an insight of the tales of old dynasties.

  1. Outdoor Activities:

You and your kids can go on a family hike to visit beautiful landscapes, like that of the atlas mountains. This will provide a wonderful view and experience and help the kids appreciate nature’s wonders.

  1. Seeing Animals:

Another activity you can take part in Morocco with kids is visiting wildlife parks like the Ouzoud Falls to see and witness the beauty of Moroccan wildlife and also enjoy nature.

Morocco offers so many fun experiences that will suit every member of the family. From the deep cultural roots and stories, to the fun desert adventure and also the beauty of its coastal areas. It can also provide educational insights into its culture and traditions, these activities will surely create beautiful memories and make the kids appreciate the beauty of Morocco.

Family friendly accommodations in Morocco.

Raid stays: Experience traditional Moroccan hospitality by visiting the Moroccan family friendly raids, offering a peaceful and calm atmosphere and the perfect services.

Resort:  there are many family oriented resorts that are made to look after the kids needs and provide entertainment, pools and other kid friendly stuff.

Children jumping on drying lake in Africa, beautiful desertic landscape in Morocco- Climate change and global warming concept

Tips for traveling to Morocco with kids

Pack essential things needed for your travels: Ensure to pack essentials such as hats, clothes, sunscreen, comfortable shoes etc and also don’t forget any specific medication for your kids.


Cultural Awareness of the Moroccan people: Ensure that the kids know about the Moroccan customs and etiquette in order not to disrespect the local culture, also learning about the culture of the Moroccan people will make your journey more nicer and enjoyable.


Safety Precautions: Watch your kids closely, especially in crowded areas and very active markets. Also try to be cautious while exploring new terrains like the desert.


Learn the basic language for communication: Learn some basic Arabic or French, to help you communicate better with the locals, though English is widely spoken and understood in tourist areas.


Q: Is it ideal to travel to Morocco with kids?

A: Morocco offers varieties of nice experiences for everyone in the family, both parents and the kids. Morocco is immersed in culture and filled with so much fun outdoor activities that will surely entertain the kids and make the vacation an unforgettable one at that.

Q: What’s the best time to visit Morocco with kids?

A: Due to Morocco’s climate, the best period to visit Morocco with kids is around spring which is from March to may and also during the fall, which is from September to November. During this period the temperature is more comfortable and cool for your vacation with the kids.

Q: Should I be concerned about my safety and also that of my kids while traveling to Morocco with kids?

A: Though Morocco is safe for tourists, it’s also advised that you look after your kids, especially in crowded places or active markets. Also, try to be very cautious in unfamiliar areas such as the deserts. Being cautious will help you enjoy your trip and also guarantee your safety during your stay in Morocco with your kids.


In conclusion, exploring Morocco with children will reveal a new form of experience that combines history, culture and adventure together. The country’s diverse landscape, from bustling and ever active cities to the Serene desert, offers varieties of family friendly activities and also enables kids to experience the richness of Moroccan heritage. Through camel rides, palace visits and culinary experiences, families can create beautiful long memories while partaking in the rich and vibrant Moroccan culture.