Everything you need to know about the Disney Antarctica cruise 

Disney Antarctica cruise is an adventure that is very unique and offers varieties of experience to everyone in the family which includes education and entertainment while is good for all ages. It involves boarding a Disney cruise ship that will depart in south America and go through the drake passage till it reaches the icy land of Antarctica.

During the cruise, the tourists will experience so many fun activities set out by Disney, which may include workshop, talks, and also many entertainment program that are Disney themed. Also there would be interactive sessions organized by expert to educate the tourist about the Antarctica ecosystem, wildlife and effort made to preserve them,  among other things.

This adventure is led by experts, which includes experienced naturalist, in order to ensure the tourist experience the beautiful Antarctica landscape, glacier, icebergs as well as encounter the wildlife there like the penguins, seal and whale. Safety is important and safety protocol and environmental conservation are very mandatory, correlating with Disney’s commitment to organize responsible tourism and also protect fragile environments.

Reasons you should consider Disney Antarctica cruise.

The Enchantment of Disney’s Antarctica cruise.

Disney is known for magic and wonders,The Antarctica cruise is all about Disney trying to reach the frozen land of Antarctica. Therefore the Disney Antarctica cruise is all about adventure, entertainment and also education that offers a trip to one of the most remote and untouched location in the planet.

During the cruise there are so many Disney’s themed entertainment as well as educative session carried out by experts. The onboard activities is made available for all ages and features activities like workshops, talk from expert naturalist among others.

Going on an adventure on a frozen continent:

The Disney Antarctica cruise is a unique experience the cruises leaves from south America and sail through the Drake passage until it reaches the pristine landscape of Antarctica. Tourists are treated very nicely and the organizers make sure you enjoy the comfort of the cruise while traveling to the untouched land of the cold continent. The most important aspect of this journey is exploring the wonderful landscape of frozen Antarctica,

Education on Efforts to conserve wildlife 

Disney is very dedicated to educate people on the understanding of environmental conservation, through great lectures as well as Interactive sessions, the you can gain great insight on the delicate balance of the Antarctica ecosystem, Disney conservative measures which includes reducing the environmental impact and also supporting wildlife preservation, is discuss in the cruise I order to educate people.

Activities you can consider joining while onboard:

Looking at the wildlife: one activity you shouldn’t miss during your vacation to Antarctica is monitoring the wild life and gazing at their beauty, you can stay on the deck and look at the penguins, oracs, seal among others and enjoy the beauty of nature. Your journey in the Disney Antarctica cruise can’t be complete without you doing this.

Going on workshops with the Experienced naturalist: 

You can decide to get a more deeper understanding of Anterctica by participating in the presentation and workshops with are organized by experts who will make your journey from South America to pristine very fun and also will guide to know and understand the wildlife in this awesome location.

Touring the ship

You can try to tour the ship as to know it better and also try to understand how the captain and the crew members of the ship, move through the waters of the Antarctic Peninsula.

The Tiki deck party

You can also take part in the tiki themed deck party that is been hosted by the guides on the observation deck, where you can enjoy cocktails as well as take fun photos.

Take Fitness classes

You can stay fit while in the cruise and also try to energize your mind and body as well as get your blood pumping well with some fun fitness classes on the cruise.


You should also try to pamper yourself with series of very luxurious spa treatments while are being offered by the onboard spa, although pampering yourself with the spa treatments while in the cruise ship will cost you additional fees

Tea time together with games and music

You can decide to go to the lounge to have a relaxing afternoon tea and also engage yourself by playing fun games with your fellow tourists.

Join the pool party

There are very fun pool parties that go on on the deck, you can join the pool party where you will be able to dip into the heated pool and also watch icebergs pass by the ship

Join the Disney trivia contest

You can test your brain by joining the Disney trivia contest and also test your Disney knowledge while going on an ultimate head to head test and other fun adventures in a fun filled trivia contest hosted by Disney.

Movie night hosted by Disney

You can also entertain yourself by watching some of your favorite Movie in the theater which is in the cruise ship, you can be able to enjoy your best Disney movies. There are also special kids adventure movie night hosted by Disney in the cruise too.

Participate in Talent shows

You can showcase your talent and become a star by joining the talent shows hosted in the cruise ship.

Features of the Disney Antarctica cruise

Adventure Guides:

You will be under the care of two Disney trained Guides, that will work hard to make you you enjoy and also be part of your tour as well as attend to every of your need both on ship and also on land.

Naturalist and special guests: 

The expert naturalist will also help you to understand the wonders that surrounds you and be engaged by it. They will be share with you their unique knowledge of the environment and the wonderful Antarctic ecosystem that you will encounter while on you cruise to Antarctica. Also while sailing you can enjoy the wonderful presentation and workshops too hosted by the special Guests.

Hassle free exploration

Adventure by Disney will make sure that your trip is hassle free wherever you decide to go and also help provide you with the necessary transportation for all the trips including the excursions or the transfer or internal flights. Also there are always snacks available if you need them and other amenities.

Adventure for everyone in the family

The trip is filled with so many nice activities that will be enjoyed by everyone in the family and it is just left for you to decide on the one you want to take part in. They include both sea activities which are those that take place in the cruise to the land activities which take place in Antarctica and they are fun and will help to create a nice memory which will be enjoyed by everyone in the family for a lifetime.


During your adventure while at the sea, it is okay to be rest assured that you will be sailing in class, the ship offers a nice combination of nice amenities, intimacy as well as good comfort. There are also special places where the kids in the cruise gather and also they have dining options suitable for everyone in the cruise.

FAQ’s on Disney Antarctica cruise

Q: Is it important to have a medical report before partaking in the Disney Antarctica cruise?

A:There is no land based medical hospital in the region due to its remote nature, therefore each ship has very experienced medical doctors as well as nurses, and also a medical center that contains most basic medicine and also medical equipment. Although the medical care in the cruise cannot be compared to the ones offered at a proper medical facility.

So in order to ensure your safety during the cruise, it is very important that the onboard doctors are aware of your general health, so the guests are always required to sign a health attestation form. The health attestation form will be emailed to every guest 45 days before the day of departure and the guest has to fill it and send it back 30 days before the departure.

Q: Will there be a doctor on board during the cruise?

A: Yes there is a doctor on board who is always available to the guest. It is also very important to note that there is a fee for all consultations and also the price can be different and it all depends on the time and place of the consultation either the hospital or the stateroom, guests are required to pay for any medications they receive during the cruise. Guests who may require any form of special treatment should note it on the form before the day of departure and also try to inform the on board crew. It is also very important that guests keep their medications very close to them during the trip.

Q: How active are these activities?

A:The trip has rates of activities which can range from light to moderate, and the tourist should be in good health while participating in some of them. Some guests are even allowed to step down from the zodiac and even into the ocean tides.