A Guide to Disney Mediterranean cruise excursion

Disney Mediterranean cruise excursion is a very fun and nice opportunity to explore so many beautiful countries that are around the Mediterranean sea, it is equally fun if you are with kids. People says it feels like a very luxurious journey combined with the magical aura of Disney, it is a journey every member of the family to sure to enjoy.

Why Disney Mediterranean Cruise Excursion?

During a Disney Mediterranean cruise, the tourists will get to visit most of Europe’s most beautiful location and also enjoy those things that makes a Disney cruise special such as nice cuisine, family friendly activities and kids entertainment.

The cruise has be known for its enchanting voyages and beautiful memories, also the excursion help breed a spirit of adventure in the tourists and also offers the tourist a nice blend of cultural and historical exploration as well as the Disney’s magic to make the trip more interesting and captivating. During the Disney Mediterranean cruise excursion, families can take part in shore adventures that are meant to entertain but kids as well as adults.

It also offers opportunities to explore awesome historical landmarks like the UNESCO world heritage sites, and local landscape as families can also take part in endless varieties of family friendly activities. For example in the city of Rome, the tourist can visit the awesome Colosseum and also explore the Vatican city with the help of Disney’s expert guide that helps bring history to life and make it fun for the kids, while in Barcelona, the tourist might be visiting the whimsical Park Güell among other places.

The cuisine during this Mediterranean cruise is very nice and captivating, the tourist can savor the wonderful cuisine which consist of nice dishes from Italy, Greece, Spain and many more. You should try the Neapolitan pizza which is in the Naples or also try the Greez mezze, Disney ensures a wonderful journey that will satisfies the tourist.

While on the cruise ship, there are so many fun activities like Disney themed activities, awesome character meet and greet, Broadway caliber shows and other fun activities that makes the cruise very active, also there are so many amenities available in the ship such as the pools, the spas, kid’s club and fine dining options to make sure that the trip is memorable trip around the sea.

Features of the Disney Mediterranean cruise excursion

1.Family friendly activities:

The Disney Mediterranean cruise offers different types of fun activities and kids tours that are made to entertain all ages while keeping a festive environment. The events are specially made for families and are very fun.

2. Multiple excursion options: 

The cruise also consists of so many excursion options that one can choose from, the excursion can range from historical tours to outdoor activities. This is to ensure that there is always something for everyone, whether you want to explore an ancient ruins, or try local cuisine or engage in a great adventure there is also something for you.

3. Experience tour guides:

Disney always ensures to provide the tourist with carefully picked tours that will be led by experienced and professional tour guides that will make the tourist enjoy their tour by providing detailed insights on each site’s history and also its cultural heritage and attraction. The help the make the excursion experience very memorable.


4. The special Disney magic:

The best thing about all Disney Cruises is the Disney magic that is incorporated in the trip, including the awesome meet and greets, and the themed activities that helps to add the Disney touch to the cruise.

Types of the trips you can go on in the Disney Mediterranean cruise. 

A Four-Night Cruise

Disney’s four-night Mediterranean cruise leaves from Barcelona and calls in Villefranche-sur-Mer, a seaside town near Nice and Monaco in France, as well as Palma and Mallorca in Spain. Families take pleasure in a guided tour of Monaco that includes a visit to the Prince’s Palace and a brief train journey.

Located on the western route, Cannes is well-known for its annual acclaimed film festival, which has been going on since 1947. Try the adult-only tour of Palma’s Bellver Castle, constructed in the 1300s by King James II, if you want some alone time. On the eastern side of Mallorca, you may also go to the Florianopolis Wine Cellar, where French wine stored in sandstone caves is flavored by the Mediterranean climate.

The Five and Seven Night Cruise

Disney’s five night cruise will first start with a visit to villefranche-sur-Mer, France and also a stop at La Spezia, Italy. There is also an added exploration that involves a nice 2 ½ hour car ride through the awesome city of Tuscany and the towns of Pisa and Florence. This wonderful tour also features a nice culinary adventure in the medieval town if Lucca and you will also be taken to see real dinosaur fossils in the lerici castle.

The trip will take its last stop in the Civitavecchia, in this place, you can explore the forte Michelangelo. The forte Michelangelo is a defensive structure that has a tower designed by the famous Michelangelo and was commissioned by Pope Julius II.

The seven night trip is also identical to the five night trip but it has an additional stop at the port of Naples. You can tour the ancient ruins of Pompeii and travel to positano and also explore the excavated city of herculaneum from this port.

Nine night trip

Disney’s nine night cruise is different because it departs from Venice and also has to sail through a different course. It takes tourists through the Grecian cities in order for them to experience both the taste of ancient history and that of modern culture too. If you wish to take a walk through time, you can visit the Acropolis which was constructed around the end of the 5th century B.C. and also the New Acropolis museum, which is just opposite the site. This tour will last for about 8 hours and also has a culinary aspects.

Kusadasi Turkey

Apart from Greece, the ship also stop in Kusadasi, Turkey, here the tourist visit the ancient Ephesus, also they can take a 30 minutes drive to the site of the ruins and they can also participate in a long 2 ½ hour tour on foot, while enjoying the beautiful archaeological wonder with local dishes and also an interactive Roman style feast.

The 12 Night Trip.

The 12 night cruise actually depart from Barcelona and has a bland of many port which are visited in the shorter cruises they include, France, Italy, Greece and also Turkey and it also has the Disney cruise line option that involves the cruise sailing to the ancient city of Valletta, Malta, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Mediterraneo Marine park

Tourists are also allowed to swim with the dolphins at the Mediterraneo Marine park and also they can take a boat trip along the awesome Blue Grotto or even participate in a 4 hour “History Hunt” in which the participants go on a trekking adventure across the capital.


FAQs on Disney Mediterranean cruise excursion

Q: How can I book a trip for the Disney Mediterranean cruise excursion? 

A: Tourists can be able to book their slot in the trip through the Disney Cruise lines website or it is possible to even book a slot by reaching out to the cruise line directly. You should make their reservation in advance through the “ My Disney cruise” part of the website or even check out the cruise for availability. It is very recommendable to book for the excursion very early.

Q: What happens if a scheduled port for departure happens to be changed or canceled? 

A: If due to certain unforeseen circumstances like weather problems or local situation, the port meant to be used to depart for an excursion is changed or the excursion is canceled, the Disney cruise line will ensure to inform the tourist about the change promptly. Also in cases like this, some alternative arrangements or other activities will be provided for the tourist.

Q: can the tourist be able to explore the port on their own even if they did not book an excursion? 

A:Yeah, the tourist actually have the freedom to explore the ports independently if they want to. The tourist are allowed to get off the shop and move around the local markets, explore the attraction, visit Shopping areas or even walk around the port. Although it is very important to make sure you return to the ship before the ship is meant to depart.


If you are seeking a nice balance between exploring and relaxing while doing it. Disney Mediterranean cruise excursion is the perfect blend of that and also adds the Disney magic to it. It also combines a blend of cultural discovery with family friendly activities that makes the cruise around the Mediterranean sea very captivating, also the cuisine are very wonderful and the trip will wholesome and will be enjoyed by the entire family.

The Disney Mediterranean cruise excursion provides a form of tour which is adult only adds to its selection of the family friendly activities.